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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

MT Cosmetics Singapore Pte.Ltd. (Hereinafter "The Company") shall protect customer privacy·personal information (name, email address, telephone number, individual address), and any information that can be used to identify the person. (Hereinafter "Personal information") by the following protection policy; establishment of company structure, implement and maintain policy enforcement and committed towards continuous improvement.

Privacy Policy

1. Collection and usage
The company may utilize the personal information provided by customers in this website to provide better service such as inquiry, feedback, request etc. In addition, the information is also used in the following situation:-

(1)To guide customers about products and services.
(2)To answer customers inquiries.
(3)To send any material requested by customers.
(4)To get customer individual consent by advance information to customers.
(5)To create statistical information from customers age and address data for products development and marketing.

2. Certification
The company is committed to prevent any unauthorized access, data disclosure, data loss, falsification, and vandalization of customer personal information by proper management based on information security management standards,

3. Disclosure to third party
The company would not disclose any customer personal information to third party except for the following situation:-

(1)Received customer consent
(2)Use to create statistical information (use only information that not identifiable.
(3)In case considered as necessary in order to protect any disclosure based on the law, customer and public interest.

4. Personal information query, rectification, removal etc
Any request to query, rectification, removal etc on personal information provided by customers, the company will check either the requester is the person himself or not, the company would not answer unless there is some particular reason.
Please contact our representative for further information.

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