Anti-aging with Metatron Cosmetics (MT Cosmetics)



Sensitive skin care

For dewy fresh skin.
Sensitive skin care range target the epidermis system that is indispensible part for beautiful skin. Our approach to sensitive skin problems is proper skin turnover rate.

MT Cleansing Gel 200ml,  $83.40 SGD

Apply and smooth out about the size of a grape of "MT Cleansing Gel" over face and massage gently. Then, rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Face wash
MT Facial Foam Wash 120g $80.20 SGD

Work up a rich lather with pearl-sized MT Facial Foam Wash and apply over face, then rinse thoroughly.

Face lotion
MT First Step Lotion 120 ml, $117.70 SGD

Apply MT First Step Lotion with about the size of a coin to the face and neck, either using cotton pad or hand.

MT Essence Emulsion 50 ml,  $113.40 SGD

Take two or three squirts of MT Essence Emulsion, apply and smooth it out from face to neck.

MT Contour Cream 40g,  $133.70 SGD

With your hand, apply and smooth out a pearl-sized of MT Essential Cream or MT Contour Cream from face to neck. You can also double apply the cream in areas that concerned you such as around the eyes or mouth.