Anti-aging with Metatron Cosmetics (MT Cosmetics)



MT Prominent Essence:Wrinkle Care,Whitening,Smooth skin care
MT Prominent Essence:100ml  $167.90 SGD Features

A White care essence is a mixture of Vitamin C *1 and E*2 excellent in stability and permeability. It helps to keep moisture in the skin, and makes the complexion brighter and transparent.

*1: Antioxidative component of the product *2: Antioxidative component of the product

  1. 1. Use after applying face lotion.
  2. 2. Take the product in hand by pushing and spread evenly from face to neck.
  3. 3. It is also possible to use around eyes. (Please take care that lotion does not get into your eyes).
  4. 4. After this, we recommend you to use an exclusive serum.

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