Anti-aging with Metatron Cosmetics (MT Cosmetics)



MT Essential Serum:Wrinkle Care
MT Essential Serum:30ml  $185.10 SGD Features

Focused on devitalized skin and the function of collagen production from aging. Containing a high percentage of *1DMAE and *2carnosine, this beauty lotion gives your skin vitality and elasticity. The skin feels tighter the longer you use it.

*1:ingredient that vitalizes skin *2:ingredient that vitalizes skin

  1. 1. Apply after using skin lotion.
  2. 2. Push 2 or 3 times, then apply to face and neck area.
  3. 3. Safe to apply around the eye area. (Avoid contact with eyes.)
  4. 4. Afterwards, apply "MT Essence Emulsion" or "MT Moisturizing Cream".

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