Anti-aging with Metatron Cosmetics (MT Cosmetics)



MT Essence Emulsion:Wrinkle Care,Whitening,Smooth skin care,Sensitive skin care
MT Essence Emulsion Content: 50ml, Price:  $113.40 SGD Features

It is a milky lotion with a fresh fragrance of citrus fruits that adapts to skin such that it penetrates directly. This milky lotion contains super hyaluronic acid blended with collagen, which will help to moisturize the skin from inside and make skin look fluffy and youthful. Please use this after the essence of METATRON series.

  1. 1. In the morning and night, wash your face. Then, take appropriate quantity on the cotton or in hand and apply it from face to neck part.
  2. 2. It is also possible to use around eyes. (Please take care that lotion does not get into your eyes)

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